Why We Are Bullish About Bictory Finance

4 min readSep 22, 2021

We’re building Bictory Finance alongside a thriving community with so much dedication and optimism arising from the high-minded contribution to the Cryptoasset market. Our foundation is a robust Blockchain with distinctive features derived through scientific research and regulatory compliance.

The evolution of finance on a public permissionless ledger has seen argumentation from diverse projects at certain stages. We bring a new breath of tools to the digital currency community, which inspires sustainable benefits.

At Bictory Finance, we are confident and encouraged to work hard every day because of the tendency and prospects of our ready-to-use hybrid platform. The entire team is highly bullish and buoyant about the project and looks forward to bringing these new significant enhancements to the Crypto industry.

ID Layer

Know Your Customer (KYC), and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements on Crypto Exchanges are cumbersome and time-consuming that everyone craves to bypass. Aside, it is an additional expense for platform operators when onboarding users.

However, Concordium, the underlying Blockchain of the Bictory protocol, has an ingenious On-chain Identity Layer that is a game-changer and excellent solution. Our platform engages this blueprint to provide services most people in the space desire.

By leveraging this trait, the Bictory hybrid exchange, Crowdfunding, and NFT protocols will be the first platform accessible by traders, developers, liquidity providers, and stakers to exchange value without the necessity of identity verification. All that users need to do is register on the Concordium Blockchain, and they are good to go.

Instant Listing on CEX/DEX

Meanwhile, Venture Capital is already on the Blockchain in a transparent and decentralized style, which advances capital to startups in Cyberspace. Launchpads and crowdfunding softwares are doing a marvelous job of oiling the capital acquisition market seamlessly.

The Bictory Crowdfunding layer further innovates a decentralized bridge guided by due diligence, auditing, anti-cheating Bots, and robust security. These are features acquired from Concordium’s tenacious Smart Contracts for Crypto Startups to scale evenly without any blemish.

But the crucial springboard we provide is the free instant listing of projects on our CEX and DEX with liquidity after their public sales. A massive burden in paying for exorbitant listing fees on exchanges has been lifted off the shoulders of Crypto entrepreneurs.

Proactive Market Making Against Slippage

Again, novelty tools like Proactive Marketing Making (PMM), which Bictory Finance is pioneering, will eliminate slippage to the barest minimum in our trading environment. Automated Market Making is strengthened and taken to the next level.

That means the Centralized Exchange order book can offer cheaper gas fees, and slippage won’t be a headache on the DEX. Imagine how traders will relish this mechanism and put it to good use.

It is the desirable environment every trader, both professionals and newbies, liquidity providers, and developers, yearn. And the more reason we’re hopeful this project will break new boundaries.

User interface Experience

Bictory takes the interface of our platforms pretty seriously, with great attention to a delightful user encounter. In line with this, we have in place one of the best UI out there.

The platform is designed based on an interactive and user-friendly interface that will intensify the user experience. In addition, the development of the exchange had in mind both crypto newbies and professional traders.

Hence, users can switch the interface of modes as to their level of understanding in the Crypto space. Bictory isn’t leaving anyone behind in this financial sovereignty revolution.

Cross-Chain And Cross-Pools

In a multi-chain world where Blockchains are agnostic, cross-chain and pools are the cutting-edge technology and trend. Any community that isn’t building towards that direction is heading to obsolescence.

The Bictory protocol is interoperable across different Blockchain and pools that make various engagements possible. It is possible to employ the project for many cross-chain opportunities.

We support chains like Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, GTU, and many more with such features. These are the yardsticks to measure truly modern Blockchain-related projects with ample possibilities.

Sophisticated Trading Tools

Today’s Crypto traders and investors expect advanced devices which can empower them to succeed in their pursuits. It is the standard condition for the rapidly growing industry.

Bictory CEX and DEX execute quick trade and trivial fees in an era where gas charges are a drawback to innovations. All this enabling environment also grants optimum secure gateway to transact safely.

More so, there are exceptional tools for assets management with margin and spot trading. We implement an ecosystem for ideal and profitable digital asset trading.

Copious Use Cases Of Token

$BT, which is the native currency, has several utilities within the Bictory economy. It offers preferential treatment to holders and traders who use it to pay for transaction fees.

The token is modeled for staking, liquidity provision, payment for listing on the DEX, CEX, and whitelisting fees. You can also employ it to access guaranteed allocation in the Crowdfunding of new projects.

The numerous use cases drive the overall growth of the project, especially the price of the token. We are confident Bictory will deliver the best to our community and the Cryptocurrency market in a sustainable structure.

Bictory’s mission is to contribute futuristic products and services never experienced in the market. Our focus includes administering a global Crypto community as we provide the most reliable ecosystem and endeavor to give instinctive and savvy products.

Kindly examine the Bictory Litepaper to understand more about what we are busily building and presenting to the world of digital assets. Read about all of the issues concerning Bictory Finance and ask all the questions on your mind.

Don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels for current updates about the project. Continuously stay safe in these intricate and unpredictable times!

Stay Bictory!

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