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4 min readMar 31, 2023
Bictory Finance State Of Affairs.
State Of Affairs

Dear Bictorians,

We hope this message finds you well. As you might have noticed, Bictory Finance significantly minimized her activities in terms of community, and generally marketing. What you didn’t and couldn’t have noticed or come to realize is that the project has been focusing her efforts and resources on only what is critically necessary to make it through the turbulent times in the Web3 sphere and generally the technology industry. However, behind the scenes, trimmed down the team, gave the team some 2 months off while the management restructured operations, established some new relationships, severed some unfortunately, but through it all, nevertheless, one thing remains the same, we keep building what we love.

First of all, we are pleased to announce that ownership of the Concordium Name Service (CNS) has been transferred to Concordium. The CNS product is a critical addition to the Concordium ecosystem and we are proud to have built such a remarkable product for the blockchain to simplify transactions and generally surf the chain. We know this unexpected and drastic change births questions about the domain name integration into the Concordium ecosystem as well as the trading of the names of all of Concordium marketplaces.

We’d like to assure you that, all CNS domains minted remain with the owners and nothing changes, as regards integration, the Concordium team will handle subsequent developments. Given that the Concordium Name Service is built with the CIS-1 and 2 protocol, it can be traded on any Concordium NFT marketplace besides BictoryNFT, integrated with minimal development efforts.

That brings us to BictoryNFT. Moving forward, we are sad to announce that the development and operations of the Concordium-side of our NFT marketplace, BictoryNFT, will be halted. We appreciate all the artists who have exhibited and minted their beautiful art on the Concordium-side of BictoryNFT. As soon as the Solana-side of BictoryNFT is done, we’ll work with you to migrate them to this new chain. Once again, this doesn’t annul any ownership of NFTs minted or collected on this side of the Marketplace. It can be traded on other NFT marketplaces that support the Concordium CIS- 1 and 2 protocol.

It must be obvious now that we’ve severed our relationship with the Concordium blockchain team. While it’s been a difficult decision and one necessary for the survival of Bictory Finance, we wish the Concordium blockchain team all the best for their future endeavors and we maintain that it was incredible working with the team. It’s truly revolutionary what they are building. We are grateful for their support to Bictory projects on Concordium while we built on the chain. We’ll no longer be building on the blockchain as it is yet to get the adoption we had hoped.

If you’re interested in acquiring the Concordium-side of BictoryNFT and run it independently, we are up for discussion. Please contact us at Business@bictory.io for more information.

Moving on to our latest developments, we are excited to share with you some friendlier updates on developments at Bictory Finance;

First on the list of exciting news, We’ve just landed a big partnership! We had planned to announce a new partnership this week, but our partners decided to push it back some days. Announcement will definitely be out by next week! Keep your fingers crossed!

Secondly, Bictory NFT Marketplace on Solana has been under development, and while progress has been slower than expected, we are pleased to announce that the development is complete and the launch is now scheduled for May! 🎉
BT token launch will be coming right after this! 🚀

Stay tuned for more updates!

What else are we cooking on Solana? If you guessed a name service you’re right! We’ve spotted an opportunity via the new connections we’ve made to build a decentralized naming service on Solana to provide other extensions with the already existing naming services are yet to supply. While we’d like to share the names of some of the extensions we are working on providing, it’s best we keep it a secret for now, until much progress with developments have been achieved.

The 10K Terrestria NFT Collection will be minted, again on Solana, and sold on the Bictory Marketplace after its launch, and we are pumped for this!💪 We believe this collection will be a valuable addition to the NFT ecosystem on Solana, and we look forward to sharing with you, new designs and more details, soon.

As regards the Bictory Exchange, we are reconfiguring it to a securities exchange and we are currently on the lookout for a more regulatory-favorable environment to set up all requirements and relaunch. It might take a while due to the tons of regulatory paperwork required for such an exchange, but we aim to achieve that this year.

It’s been an unprecedented turn of events. One the team didn’t see coming, but a storm we had to weather nevertheless. You have our assurance that Bictory Finance will continue to build inclusive web3 solutions ACROSS blockchains for DeFi and NFT investors.

Sincerely, Bictory Team


  1. CNS ownership transferred to Concordium.
  2. BictoryNFT Marketplace in Concordium stopped operation.
  3. BictoryEX will be the Securities Exchange.
  4. Bictory NFT Marketplace Solana launch in May.
  5. Terrestria 10K NFT launch in Early, June.
  6. BT token launch right after BictoryNFT Solana Marketplace launch.
  7. New partnership and project announcement next week.

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