Our 2022 Story: A Rough But Bictorious Year!

7 min readDec 29, 2022
To an amazing year! 🥂

It was an amazing year. Yea, it was, regardless of all the unprecedented events that sprung up in the web3 space. Bictory Finance had a splendid year and we believe 2023 will be it! 🔥 🚀

Looking back on the objectives we set ahead of ourselves in 2021 from this point in 2022, it’s indeed been a productive year for the team. Admittedly, not without hiccups. In the deep of the bear market through 2022, we’ve built and launched four products, won grants, retained team size, secured sturdy partnerships, and more to continue pushing towards the vision of a safe and inclusive ecosystem for DeFi and NFT investors.

To lay the next steps framework for 2023 from this point, let’s learn from this history, our achievements, and all the opportunities for improvement. Cast your mind back in time with us!

Time flies when you’re building unique products! We are witnesses to this. We can remember when we were only just improving our website design in preparation for our first product launch, and now here we are, successfully bringing four great products with Incredible potential to market.

Always First!

As early as January 2022, one of our earliest achievements was being the first Concordium open and free grantee for BictoryNFT, Concordium’s No1 NFT marketplace built by Bictoryfinance. This grant allowed us to bring BictoryNFT to life by sourcing the required talents and experience and kickstarting an organic marketing campaign that leapfrogged its growth. We’ve seen great success with the platform, including launching over 70 onboarded BictoryNFT collections and developing our community of collectors globally.

Being a chain-agnostic project, we set sail to make BictoryNFT a multi-chain NFT project. We’ve successfully integrated Solana into our NFT marketplace and improved our marketplace’s UX by making it more decentralized.

Our Genesis NFT Collection

In addition to BictoryNFT, we also launched Terrestria NFT on the 28th of April. To take your minds back to the nature of this 10k-sized collection, they comprised 11 different Bic-mals from our virtual planet BIC-III. Terrestria is the genesis collection of Bictory Finance with added utilities on a burgeoning chain — Concordium and the 9,999 monumental NFTs are in 2D and 3D spatial variations and funky swags. It holds 4,999 in 3D and 5,000 in 2D designs. The community has well received this NFT collection. We saw a strong interest from the relatively small NFT community on the Concordium blockchain.

The collection has evolved with a new theme as our Solana side comes alive. TerrestriaX is an apocalyptic-themed collection of 10k NFTs. The collection comprises of the same 11 kinds of BIC-mals, but scared and scarier with a cyborg and post-apocalyptic fashion theme.

BictoryEX goes Live!

Another thrilling moment was announcing the launch of BictoryEX, our centralized exchange, on the 15th of June. It was a significant milestone for us and one of our most anticipated launches. With already more than $100k in trade volumes, 56 deposits and withdrawals, and 723 trade orders across 30 users only in the alpha testing stage, we were confident of the platform’s success. The numbers continued to grow, but the bear market short-lived that growth. The FTX collapse didn’t make things any better.

With the dark clouds surrounding centralized exchanges over lack of reserves transparency, we’ve moved to update our exchange technology architecture to improve its security and transparency. To ensure our users have peace of mind, they were all pre-informed to withdraw their funds into a non-custodial wallet. We understand that centralized exchanges are great for ease and user experience, but trust is supreme in self-custody.

We shook hands! 🤝

On partnerships, we joined forces with Cryptostar to continue to grow and expand our reach. Cryptosar is an upcoming magazine building up a knowledge base for web3 communities. We also partnered with Wealthy teds & Versus Metaverse to develop our NFT community. Keen to raise the bar of NFT utilities, we also shook hands with ArtLabs to bring VR experience utilities to NFTs on the BictoryNFT marketplace.

We also got Bictory Finance KYC Assured by Assure DeFi. In simple terms, we doxxed our core team. We did this to further build trust and confidence in our platform and guarantee our commitment to sustaining our ecosystem for the long haul. Bictory Finance will also be collaborating with the Assure DeFi team to ensure that only transparent projects gets listed in its ecosystem.

Replace that ugly Hex

Another significant achievement for us this year was the launch of Concordium Name Service (CNS) on the same day of the Ethereum merge. Initially, it was a rocky launch, but our brave engineers returned to the drawing board to rewrite some codes, squash some bugs, and then deliver a great launch. The blockchain naming service allows users to replace long and ugly hex addresses with bespoke human-readable names for wallet transactions, dapp interactions, and decentralized website linking. We also launched Concordium clubs, which have been an excellent way for CNS holders to connect and engage with each other.

Our building the Concordium Name Service won us a second grant from Concordium. The official naming service of the Concordium chain will significantly raise the usability of the chain, just like URLs improved the net surfing experience by replacing IPs.

We are rounding up the year with the Concordium team to integrate CNS into CCDScan and Web Wallet. These developments will further increase the functionality and usability of the Concordium Name Service, making it more valuable and functional.

A year of Bictory Tidings 🎉

With all of the good tidings coming from the Bictory Finance ecosystem, we hosted a $20k airdrop bounty and a 60k $BT giveaway to celebrate it. This helped to grow our community and encourage more people to get involved with Bictory Finance. Our community exploded! Our followers and community size increased by more than a hundredfold.

We also successfully kickstarted a multi-exchange public token offering but had to cancel it midway because of the disappointing sentiments in the space.

Let’s go!

In summary, 2022 has been a splendid year for Bictory Finance, we learnt a lot, weathered a number of storms, still doing so, but most importantly, and we’re excited for what 2023 holds. We’ll give you a little sneak peek into what we’re up to;

4 exchanges confirmed!

In the coming year, we are excited to announce that the BT Token will be listed on all confirmed exchanges including Bitforex, Coinsbit, P2B and Bitmart. We are currently in talks with some tier-1 exchanges and we’d let you know as soon as we have some solid agreements. We’re doing this so that investors and traders will have even more opportunities to buy and sell their BT stakes, increasing its liquidity and making it more accessible to a wider audience.

We are still working on our Solana-side BictoryNFT scholarship program. However, applications to be one of the first Solana-side creators on BictoryNFT has already begun. You can apply here. This program will onboard and support talented individuals interested in using the Solana-side of BictoryNFT to create & mint fascinating NFTs. This scholarship will help to nurture the next generation of creators in the blockchain and NFT space! 2023 already looks exciting!

Pumping up the innovation in our marketplace even further, we aim to add some intelligence within our marketplace to empower everyone to be a creator. We believe collectors will make great creators too! Some features are in the work to enable this, this can set apart BictoryNFT too from a almost already saturated industry.

In conclusion, it’s been an incredible year for Bictory Finance as we’ve made a number of outstanding achievements and continue to grow and develop our suite of web3 products on the across blockchains. From the launch of BictoryNFT and TerrestriaX NFT, to the little wins of BictoryEX and Concordium Name Service, we’ve had a lot to celebrate.

Along the way, we’ve also learned some deep lessons. We’ll continue to evolve and improve in order to better serve our community. We’re excited to see what the future holds and believe that 2023 looks even more amazing considering all of the exciting developments that are on the horizon.

We’re committed to continuing to go harder and delivering value to our community as we work to build and develop products that make a real difference in the web3 ecosystem. We look forward to sharing more updates and achievements with you as we move into the new year.

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