Hard Times, But We Are Going Hard!

3 min readNov 23, 2022

It’s tough times in the tech space, especially in web3. The collapse of FTX had a significant impact on its development and reputation. However, as they say, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going — they just have to change their shoes!

And we are changing ours at Bictory Finance. We remain strong and must keep going!

What’s been happening the past week behind the curtains of Bictory Finance?

Bictory Finance Token Sale

As a result of the recent market downturn, which had a severe impact on the market, we canceled our token sale across all platforms, and all participants have been refunded the funds used. Listing has also been delayed to protect our investors and community from harsh market conditions.


Here are the announcements across platforms;

Still on the $BT token updates, we made an exciting announcement last week! In flying colors, we passed one of the industry leaders in cybersecurity audits! That’s right, and we scored a 10/10 in Hacken smart contract analysis and security review!

See announcement.

BictoryEX Upgrade

The need for transparency and security in centralized exchanges has become increasingly apparent, and we are making a profound effort to improve these qualities for BictoryEX. As regards this, we are delivering some core infrastructural changes on BictoryEX, which will affect its system operations. As such, we advise all users to withdraw their funds from the exchange while we undergo this upgrade.

Find the full announcement here.

CNS Integration

The most anticipated integration on the Concordium blockchain is finally around the corner! We’ve got some updates from our valiant devs that integrating the Concordium Name Service (CNS) into the official Concordium explorer and web wallet is almost completed!

See why this is important in this announcement thread.

CNS Auction Round 7 is also live, and binance.ccd is on auction! 🔥

Participate in the auction here ➡️ app.ccd.domains

BictoryNFT on Solana!

With the technical side of things almost set and good to go, we are launching a pre-launch scholarship program to strengthen our community of creators and collectors. This program will bring more friends into the Bictory ecosystem and connect the ecosystem with the larger Solana NFT community.


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