Community Statement — We are Halting Our Public Offerings!

2 min readNov 14, 2022

You may already have felt the chaotic quake that shook the entire web3 space. The collapse of the FTX exchange could be described as the most unexpected event of the year and may even be labeled as the black swan event of 2022.

Being one of the largest, and until now, one of the most reputable exchanges meant a lot of diligent & honest projects were connected to it. Its collapse sent the web3 space some months back and pushed the entire market deeper into the fear, uncertainty, doubt and pain zone.

It’s a bloodbath out there and not a good time to make an entry. Prior to this “black swan” event, we already saw signs of the market bottoming out, but the FTX insolvency as we can clearly see broke that bottom. As regards this, we are making some drastic yet strategic changes to protect Bictory Finance, our BT purchasers and community.

Our multi-exchange offering, IEO & IDO, ends today. After deliberating about recent events, we’ve decided to halt Public Sale and Listing. We’ll work with our partners (P2B, Bitforex and Kommunitas) to conclude this as soon as possible.
We are also yielding to our advisors and investors’ call to delay listing to avoid an obliterating dump of the $BT token. A new listing date will be announced after all proper arrangements have been made that enables a momentous launch of our token.

We’ll continue building the Bictory Ecosystem through this storm. We are in it for the long-haul and there’s no stopping until bictory!

Here are some brewing updates in the Bictory ecosystem ⤵️

➡️ BictoryNFT will be launched on Solana for testers in 10 days! We are done with the integrations and completed some internal testing, now we are on to alpha testing with some few selected community members.

➡️ We are currently in deep research of the Aptos blockchain and collaboration with some projects already building on the chain. We are extending the Bictory Finance ecosystem to this new chain to leverage its innovative technology for better user experience of the Bictory Finance ecosystem.

See BictoryDEX homepage, here.

➡️ We are pumped to announce that CNS will be fully integrated into the official Concordium wallet and explorer this month! This means wallet transactions with your registered CNS domains will now be enabled.

Simplify surfing web3 with your chosen identity!
Register a CNS Domain here.

Team Bictory Finance.

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