BictoryEX Will List All Concordium Projects For Free!

2 min readNov 4, 2022


BictoryEX x Concordium

The Bictory Finance team has celebrated the recent achievement of Integrating the Concordium blockchain and listing the $CCD coin on the 10th of November. But there’s more! Still in that celebration mood, the team has concluded that all projects building on the Concordium blockchain will get a free listing on BictoryEX for the next two years! 👏 🚀

Not only will this strengthen the symbiotic relationship between Concordium and Bictory Finance, but it’s also a significant opportunity and launchpad for projects on Concordium in terms of cost and growth.BictoryEX can serve as a hub to unite all Concordium communities to foster the ecosystem’s growth.

It’s always been the team’s vision for the exchange to be the first-party exchange of the ecosystem, and with our recent integration achievement, we see this vision come to fruition!

Concordium is building a revolutionary blockchain aiming for a delicate balance between accountability and privacy. A balance we know, without a doubt, is critically needed in the space. Bictory Finance may be chain-agnostic, but we chose Concordium first to leverage this beautiful balance to secure and avail freedom in our inclusive ecosystem.

We keep BUIDLing!

Team Bictory Finance

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