Bictory Tokenomics And Utility Explained

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Hello Bictorians,

The tokenomics of every Cryptocurrency project speaks volumes of it, notably what utility it maintains. Analytically, it is the yardstick to evaluate the realization of the vision and mission of a Crypto asset.

When it comes to measuring the quality of a Crypto, this mechanism is the principal foundation that drives price differential. More compelling, it is a combination of metrics that defines the quality of a digital asset.

In a nutshell, a guide to token usage, utility, and value, which drive the whole network. Every token must interact with the business model that underlies the project in a steadfast relationship.

Therefore, a well-thought-out token distribution plan indicates whether a project has a long-term goal connected with prudent measures geared towards the overall growth of the community, especially the token price. Bictory’s savvy Token Economy stands out in the crowd with hallmarks designed to fulfill a sustainable environment inherent in our native

currency of $BT.

BT Token Information And Utility

BT has a maximum supply of 100 Million tokens with the Ticker BT.

Bictory’s supply allocation, distribution, emission, utility, and use cases are all carefully composed with one thing in mind — the tendency for growth.

The token has a wide range of use-cases devised towards a seamless and advantageous user encounter in the Bictory ecosystem. This is why our journey with the community will be one of the most fulfilling in the Cryptosphere.

BT’s potential for exponential growth is evident in the following use-cases:

Fees On DEX/CEX: The BT Token will serve as a preferential tool for all trading activities on the Bictory trading platforms. Consequently, all trades on both Bictory DEX and CEX will attractive a discount when paid with $BT, providing the opportunity for hodlers to access services and products at a lower fee.

Governance Token For DEX: Bictory DEX has a governance model that empowers our community as part of the decision-making process. To participate in the voting, community members will need BT Tokens.

Crowdfunding: As part of our broad spectrum of services, Bictory has a Launchpad for all projects deployed on Concordium, our underlying Blockchain. Entities that utilize our Crowdfunding services will pay with BT coupled with the requirement to hodl/stake a certain amount of our tokens if you want to access the whitelist of private sales.

Listing: Bictory CEX/DEX will have an unparalleled user experience in the digital asset trading market. Again, we have preferential treatment for assets that pay listing fees in $BT, deepening token utility once more.

Staking And IEO: Further, All other utilities on the Bictory platform necessitates the use of BT Token, including staking to earn rewards and help stabilize and boost the price of the token. Similarly, Crypto projects running Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) will have to pay in $BT.

Token Distribution

The BT token administration took into consideration the long-term interest and sustainability of the Bictory ecosystem. Our goal is a harmonious process that will make sure community members accumulate the maximum benefits.

Below are the distribution rate and the motive behind them:

Platform Growth: As we have always maintained without mincing words, we are here for the long haul, and this project will transcend generations. Hence our commitment is to ensure a continuous process of developing the platform to meet the needs of the industry.

Towards this direction, we have purposely reserved the majority of the Tokens for platform growth. Thus, 28 percent (28 million) to take care of the present, future development, marketing, research, and expansion of the Bictory ecosystem.

Community Rewards: We are buidling Bictory around a system that rewards community members and anyone who cares to be a part of our game-changing platform. With this in mind, a whopping 25 percent of the total tokens representing 25 million is for Community Rewards.

We are nobody without our dedicated and burgeoning community who deserves nothing but the best. The tokens will go to referrals, Ambassador programs, airdrops, dividends for stakers, Liquidity providers, among others.

Private Sales: Our private sales will put 19 percent of the total supply of $BT on the market. Funds raised through this arena are for developing the project to the best level required for the final take-off.

This ratio is considerably low regarding the fact that we have a total supply of 100 million. It is a strategic measure to guarantee fairness to all participants.

Founding Team: The Bictory founding team is working hard around the clock to bring a suite of DeFi products and services to the rapidly growing Crypto domain. They deserve incentives to keep doing what they do.

Hence, For the team’s devotedness, 15 percent of the token distribution will go to them. This percentage is 15 million out of the entire supply of BT Tokens.

Strategic Partners: Partnership is a crucial element for every project out there. It opens doors, bringing resources, connections, networks, and markets to your disposal.

As you already know, Bictory has forged imperative partnerships with enormous impact on our platform. Conscientiously, we are dedicating five percent (5 million) of the tokens solely for this purpose.

Public Sale: Four million tokens embodying four percent of the supply quota will go on a public sale. This round of sales is an opportunity for those who couldn’t participate in the private sales to lay their hands on BT Tokens.

Seed Sales: Only two million tokens, which stands for a percentage point of two percent, were sold during our Seed Sales. The funds went into the initial development of the platform.

Advisors: Without advisors with deep insights and connections in the industry to direct the project on the right path, the pace of achievement would have been slow and painful. Understandably, the remaining two percent of the cumulative token supply is the remuneration for our advisors.

Bictory has one of the most realistic tokenomics that hinges on expansion through participation and utilization of the native token in its marketplace. Learn more about the $BT economy in our Litepaper.

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