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5 min readMar 7, 2022
Bictory Pulse (February Update)

The entire month of February seemed to be just a few days to us at Bictory Finance. Truly, time flies when your head is buried in a ton of tasks. Regardless of how fast time flies, task after task, your favourite crypto team is running through walls and scaling every hurdle they encounter to hit the different set milestones and deliver on its promises, and February, being a few days or weeks, didn’t change that.

The mission remains to deliver a safe Ecosystem for Global NFT and DeFi investors, creators, traders, liquidity providers to invest, create, exchange, and lubricate the exchange of digital assets on Concordium first, before expanding across chains to be blockchain agnostic. We are well on our way to achieving that. This we can confidently say, without mincing words, due to the outcomes from our hard work in February. Let’s bring you up to speed with what we’ve been up to, shall we?

Bictory Community Airdrop

We cannot overemphasize how much brand exposure and growth this airdrop event held in the first week of February, between the 4th and 13th, brought to Bictory Finance. We had to raise the cap on the number of tokens we would be airdropping because of how quickly the number of participants surpassed our expectations even on the first day the campaign went live. Our communities across platforms grew by leaps and bounds, from an initial few thousand to tens of thousands, as you can see. Of course, we understand that a good number may be just bounty hunters who dump the tokens the first instant they lay their hands on the tokens. This is why we engineered the bot in-house to help monitor participants’ activity across our communities to only reward the active and real Bictorians, on a later date in phases and cliffs with vesting. Moreover, we’ve seen an increased partnership interest, fan support, and even faster growth since the event. It served as a kickstart to our community flywheel, and now, we are stepping hard on the growth throttle.

Bictory Launched Concordium Projects

Gods may rest on the 7th day, but not the Bictory team — they work their socks off, especially on the 7th of February. Amid handling all of the Hi’s and Hello’s, bot evasion, smart contract, and wallet enquiries in Bictory’s communities, the team launched its first product, (CCP). We hosted our first Twitter space chat with the CMO of Concordium — Beni Issembert, where we discussed the importance of freedom and accountability in blockchain networks and Bictory’s community-bonding launch with CCP. The ecosystem explorer is designed to be a data hub for all things brewing on Concordium. Users can learn about their favourite projects on the 4th-Gen permissionless and regulatory-compliant chain in a few clicks. Since its launch, we’ve been updating features for a smoother experience, enlightening creators in the ecosystem about the explorer and also backlogging content.

Bictory Space Chatting.

Concordium’s CMO is not the only person we’ve been chatting with. If you’ve been riding along on our journey, you’d know this. We’ve had discussions with other experts in the space, but most notably, our advisor, Dylan Dewdney — The Founder of Kylin Network and NFT3, a true Crypto OG. It was a pretty engaging conversation, as he shared his views on the current trends of the space, how far it has come, and the path it might take in the future. We had a great turnout. We organize these chats to enlighten the general web3 community about our technologies and some key themes in the space that may not be yet fully embraced by the cryptospace but are nevertheless inevitable. We do so hoping they brace themselves for it.

A Global Community For a Global Brand

Alongside our community exploding to tens of thousands, volunteers from across the world reaching out to support the brand and aid expansion in different markets have also quadrupled. The most active volunteers are now building Bictory communities across their countries. Bictory Finance now has bustling communities in multiple countries across Europe, Asia, and Africa with valiant community runners at the helm, supervised by our Community Marketing Lead.

BictoryEX Testing

In our last episode, we released a short GIF, which displayed our working custodial exchange, BictoryEx, in testing. We are still vigorously testing — speed and stress testing. As we do so, we are improving user experience and listing more pairs to handle the needs of a broad range of users who join us at launch. We’ve also commenced documenting the user journeys to make user tutorials available when the product goes live. We have a tentative date for launch already, and we can’t wait to share as soon as we check some final tasks off our technical to-do list.

Bictory Rare NFTs

It’s been hot on Twitter, as we’ve been bombarding the NFT community there with some sneak peeks of some of our newly designed 3D rare characters in our 9,999 monumental Terrestria Collection. We have some of the most creative NFTs in the space — We loved our spider bull named Beter Barker, did you? Maybe you were impressed by TMT Bull, Scorpion, or Venom if you didn’t. We’ve got one for every blockbuster movie fan out there. As promised, the public mint of these NFTs will lead the launch of our marketplace, BictoryNFT. A curated marketplace for Artists with a proven track record, celebrities, and brands. A couple of artists are already queued up for the launch.

Like Sam in his track “Stay with me,” we admit that you, yes you reading this now, is all we need, so stick with us till we are done. We are relentlessly building this safe ecosystem as we’ve seen what could become of users without it — stolen funds, a high barrier of entry, plagiarized NFTs, murky lines between fraudulent and legitimate projects. We strongly believe that users need not have to dodge cyber bullets or take cover from dropped regulatory grenades before they take advantage of the innovation of the new Web. Web3 is beautiful, and like everything beautiful, it attracts onlookers indiscriminately, the bad, the good, the ugly. We are building an ecosystem that sieves off the bad and the ugly, leaving only the good. We know this is a good thing, don’t you?

Team Bictory Finance.

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