Bictory Postpones Release of Team/Seed/Advisory and other token allocations until 1st of June, 2024 (Excluding Private Sale Tokens).

2 min readApr 26, 2023

Bictory has postponed its native token release allocation to the 1st of June 2024, excluding the private sales round. After careful consideration and discussions with our executives/backers/advisors. We have made this decision for several important reasons.

Firstly, as a company that prides itself on innovation and product excellence, we want to ensure that our products, including our Blockchain Name Service (being built on the Solana chain) and An Exclusive NFT Marketplace (Also built on the Solana chain, the launch is due by May), are launch successfully and gain widespread adoption. By postponing the native token release date, we can closely monitor the launch and performance of these products, gather user feedback, and make any necessary improvements to provide the best possible experience for our community.


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